What is WordPress Hosting?

Best hosting for WordPress is a hosting service that offers reliable hosting and security. It is one of the best options for web developers to build and host their websites. Onlive Server is one of the Best WordPress Hosting providers in 50+ countries. It provides WordPress hosting at a very cheap price. The WordPress hosting plans are all about functionality, scalability, security, performance & reliability of your site as well as keeping it secure from DDoS attacks or other types of cyberattacks.

Best WordPress Hosting

Features You Should seek for in a Best WordPress Hosting Plan


Performance is of utmost importance in the choosing of a WordPress hosting plan.

Imagine your content going viral, your site receiving massive amounts of traffic, but surprising all your excited visitors with lagging or broken pages. It’s disappointing, isn’t it? Bad WordPress hosting can make all your efforts go in vain, so by no means take the danger of going for a hosting diagram that does not provide proper performance.

Pay attention to how much RAM, CPU, and disk space is being given to you. Watch the traffic caused by virality and be prepared for busy times. Transfer speeds matter a lot, as they are important in conveying information to your website visitors. Make sure that your hosting plan offers less data transfer time even in case of increased traffic.

The best practice is to keep track of your server’s RAM, CPU, and disk space usage. Whenever you are close to exceeding your given limits, consider upgrading your hosting plan for smooth task processing.


While performance is essential, server scalability is another factor that businesses should never overlook. If your server cannot cope with the unexpected, high traffic, your website is numerous likely to crash.

If something goes viral on your site or the holiday season brings in an unexpectedly large number of users, you’re bound to meet them. However, this will not be possible if your server cannot handle the load. While performance is essential, server scalability is another.

This is why you should select a hosting plan that authorizes you to scale your servers manually or automatically if needed. If your host lets you scale your servers in one click, your choice is right.


You can go for a hosting plan that offers all the features in the world, but it will be useless if it does not thrust uptime. Downtimes are a problem for website owners; Not only do they drive away customers and visitors, but they also impact your Google rankings.

If your website goes down frequently, not only will your existing visitors not be able to access your site, but you will also lose any chance of getting new clients and may even earn a negative reputation by being verbal.

Downtime is a danger for any website owner. Pick a web host that guarantees at least 100% uptime and delivers on that promise! Just remember that downtime can be the difference between your virtual life and death! So, you cannot afford to pick a hosting provider that does not guarantee uptime.

How to choose the best WordPress hosting provider?

You should view the following metrics while choosing the best WordPress hosting provider:

  • Optimum Performance
  • Easy Scalability
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Caching
  • Up-to-Date Server Technologies
  • One-Click Backups
  • Free Migrations
  • Customer Support
  • Flexible Pricing


Pricing is generally the most important deciding factor for customers selecting a WordPress hosting plan. Sure, you will be tempted to select the cheapest option, but remember that many cheap hosting plans fail to meet your basic needs. Budgeting is important; Let’s say your favorite hosting provider offers all the features you need and more, but what if you can’t buy it? Yes, very few WordPress hosting providers like Onlive Server offer this model, allowing users to buy space as per their needs and extend it as and when needed. Onlive Server is one of the Best Cheap VPS hosting providers in 50+ countries. It provides WordPress hosting at a very cheap price.


All famous WordPress hosting providers offer a backup policy. Onlive Server provides it for free, others require extra costs. Managed WordPress hosting providers like Onlive Server provide automatic backup of multiple applications on the same server. Many hosting companies guarantee utmost security, even the most secure providers are still vulnerable to cyber and hackers attacks and disasters. It is best to consider the best WordPress hosting provider that provided a free and automated backup service.

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