Cloud VPS Hosting

What is Best Cloud VPS?

When it comes to hosting, most people have heard of the term Virtual Private Server (or VPS). The terms sound very similar so many think they offer pretty much the same thing. While virtual private servers and cloud VPS hosting do offer some of the same things, there are also some fundamental differences that are worth understanding. This article explains what Best cloud VPS hosting is and how it differs from other types of hosting.

What is cloud VPS hosting? cloud VPS hosting, also known as virtual private server hosting, is hosted on a cloud server with several other accounts in the same physical location. As in regular VPS hosting, you will be given root access and full control over your virtual machine provisioned by the host.

Cloud VPS hosting is a kind of virtual private server (VPS) that is installed and run on the AVM provider’s hypervisor. Cloud VPS is one of the newest kinds of VPS that have appeared in recent years. The idea behind cloud VPS hosting is to offer end users a new way to use virtual servers and directly attain the benefits provided by this type of infrastructure.

What are KVM and Hypervisor?


KVM, or Kernel-based Virtual Machine, is a virtualization solution for Linux servers. For those unfamiliar with the term “virtualization”, it may sound complex or scary. You probably have used a virtual machine at some point in your life without knowing it. For example, when you install another operating system on your computer using VMware or VirtualBox, you are using a software-based virtual machine. KVM interfaces via specialized instructions designed to be implemented by the processor.

Virtualization technology used to be quite expensive and was only available to large companies. But then along came KVM, which provides paravirtualization – an approach to virtualization that uses a modified QEMU virtual machine monitor.


The hypervisor is virtualization software that allows multiple virtual machines to run on the same hardware. This piece of software creates a layer of abstraction between the hardware and operating system, which in turn increases the efficiency, flexibility, and reliability of the system.

The hypervisor is the software layer in between the virtual machine (VM) and the physical server. It provides the Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) with a way to interact with the hardware. The hypervisor is also responsible for providing resources to all the guest VMs and forwarding their requests to the physical servers. A hypervisor’s functionality allows multiple operating systems to run simultaneously on one physical machine.

Windows Cloud VPS

Windows-based Cloud VPS hosting is a virtual server hosting in which the hosting services are based on Windows operating system. In other words, Windows-based Cloud VPS hosting is also known as Windows cloud server. The resources of Windows VPS are allocated to each user in a dedicated way similar to that of a dedicated server. As it is based on virtualization technology, users can enjoy more advantages compared with those provided by shared hostings, such as root access and complete control over the virtual servers.

Linux Cloud VPS Hosting

Linux/ Windows-based Cloud VPS has all the features of a dedicated server and is highly flexible. It is scalable, so you can always upgrade to another plan that better fits your needs. It is also more affordable and quite manageable, even for beginners. You can multitask and install any application that you need to enhance your website. It is user-friendly and gets regular system updates to prevent threats.

Why Choose Best Cloud VPS?

As a web hosting company, we always try to provide the best cloud virtual servers for our clients. Cloud virtual servers are the best way to start something, but with Virtual Private Server (VPS) you get something more. With our VPS server, you will have real root access, and this way you can do everything. VPS is the second step after cloud server, but it’s much better than shared hosting or Cloud VPS.

Cloud VPS is an excellent way to separate and segregate all your data center resources from the physical data center. Cloud VPS provides the perfect opportunity to create a virtual private server that has multiple servers in a single instance of hardware. Unlike other VPS hosting providers, the Cloud VPS uses high-end hardware which results in faster web browsing, faster uploads, higher download speeds, and fewer lags. Also, unlike others, Cloud VPS is secure and available with a regular backup system and a skilled technician to fix any issue as soon as possible.

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