If you are starting out your business or have just expanded, you need to choose your dedicated hosting provider carefully. When it comes to performance, reliability, and speed, Onlive Server delivers — so that you can focus on running your business without worrying about if your server can handle the load!If you’re looking for the best dedicated server, Onlive Server offers several types of plans to meet your needs and budget. The Best Dedicated Server plan we offer is our Fast Plan, which gives you everything you need to launch and operate your website without worrying about hardware limitations or security risks. This dedicated server plan gives you unlimited traffic, all the RAM and hard drive space you need, full root access, and one-click install scripts so you can begin building your website immediately.

Why choose us?

Because we offer fast speed and full root access to our powerful dedicated server packages that fit any business’ needs. Our experts provide superior service and individualized assistance to help maximize performance for your business or hosting needs. We have a global network of data centers with DDoS protection to keep your online presence safe from attacks, virtualized servers so you can take advantage of unused resources in a multi-tenant environment if desired and expert support 24/7 if any problems occur. Onlive Server’s staff will make sure you stay up-to-date on all current technologies available and make your move into new technology seamless.

Considerations When Choosing a Best Dedicated Server

Choosing a good server can be difficult because each of them offers different features and support plans. It is also important to consider that some of these features may or may not be included in your budget or in your IT infrastructure requirements. However, there are certain things to keep in mind before you get one to make sure that it suits your needs and that it works for your company’s unique purposes: Hardware: – Typically, a dedicated server does not come with its own hardware; however, when it does and where possible, it is best to choose a machine with high-quality components. After all, nothing will affect performance as much as being underpowered!

Pricing & Discounts

Anytime a plan is mentioned, price is one of your main selling points. Customers want to know how much a product costs and that there’s a deal if they sign up quickly (and if not, there should be some type of incentive to help them make that decision). Without proper pricing information, customers will get frustrated when trying to compare your plan against other websites. It’s also important to mention whether or not your product or service has any discounts available because customers love deals!

Order Now!

Get a fast, full root access server today to take your business or projects to new heights with maximum security and flexibility at an incredible price! Go ahead and click that order button. You won’t be disappointed! Give us a call if you have any questions; we’re here 24/7 to assist our customers so they can get started on their next big project or startup idea as soon as possible. Call now!


A complete security is provided by our best dedicated server hosting package so that customers can ensure their valuable data is protected from any cyber attacks and secure from unauthorized access of third party applications. It consists of a number of features such as Cpanel with Firewall and virus protection, SSL certificate registration etc. Our expert team works 24/7 to make sure that your site or application remains safe in our hands and free from hacks, viruses or other type of vulnerabilities which can do serious damage to your web application. Moreover, we also offer you secure Cloudflare DDOS Protection Service at extremely affordable prices which help you safeguard your website against any DOS attacks and make it one among 100% trusted websites by search engines like Google & Bing.


Our Next-Generation Best Dedicated Server offer Fast Speed to serve your website well with affordable prices with more benefits and warranties than any other online dedicated web hosting service provider on Internet today! We also have custom operating system installations of popular applications which will be perfect if you want to host your site on Onlive Server dedicated web hosting service as well! Just contact us today and we will give your professional personal consultant a call to discuss how we can help you! Managed WordPress Hosting Our team of highly experienced server system administrator’s work hard every day to provide fast high performance cloud hosting services at lowest prices possible for our customers! Have questions?

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