A dedicated server is like a personal server which is completely dedicated to an individual or business. It is far better than shared hosting, as websites have complete control over the server, and there is an option to configure the operating system, hardware, etc. Onlive Server provides its users with the Best Dedicated Server to upgrade your business. It’s fast, reliable in SSD storage and boosts efficiency, delivering a tremendous performance boost.

What is the meaning of Dedicated Server?

Dedicated server hosting means a physical server that is completely dedicated to an individual business customer. Dedicated server hosting means that your website has its own server and you have complete control over it. The client has complete control over the server, so they can configure it for their various needs, including performance and security.
A dedicated hosting is used to host applications and services, and for data storage and backup.

Use of Dedicated Server

Hosting a website is the main purpose of using a dedicated server. A dedicated server is essential for high-traffic websites if you have a large website and a lot of visitors. Dedicated servers are mostly used to host high-traffic websites and for other hosting environments where performance is unpredictable. If you are looking for the best hosting server, then a dedicated server fulfills your every demand if you manage it properly.

Why do you need a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is known to be one of the highest performing hosting options. We like to think of a dedicated server because it’s like owning your own personal things to do whatever you want with it. No one will interfere with you and you can do whatever you want. Whereas a shared server is essentially like sharing of servers where you have to share everything

Dedicated servers are not only designed for one purpose. It is also used to provide online game servers, or anything that requires space for different computers to store and read files.

Why Dedicated Server is best for Gaming Sites?

A dedicated server for gaming sites is the platform that hosts games for clients. This server is extremely reliable, stable, and provides top-notch connections to your favorite online games.

A dedicated server is the first choice for companies that want to build a stable online platform for their players. However, a person can also set up a gaming server. A dedicated server can easily run both single and multiplayer games without any problem.

When should you choose a Dedicated Server?

The first reason to think about when choosing a dedicated hosting server plan is the size of your website. It is very well suited for large websites like e-commerce websites and high-traffic websites. Because these websites need to perform consistently fast with minimal downtime. For a business website, performance and reliability are always an important factor. If you choose a dedicated server then no one can access your server.

Difference between Shared Server and Dedicated Server

Both shared hosting and dedicated hosting holds your website data to a single server. When visitors access your website, these servers send your data to them.

In shared hosting server, you cannot just configure your website as per your business requirements, there are also neighboring users using the same server. With dedicated hosting, your website has its own server, over which you have complete control.

Comparison between VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting

When hosting a new website, most people start it with shared hosting as it is a cost-effective way to start a business website. However, as your website grows over time, you need more resources for your website and need to avoid sharing resources with other websites.

Both VPS and dedicated servers are capable of achieving your business goals.

VPS hosting divides the server resources into different parts and you can keep a part of them entirely on your website. The resources from these servers come from two types of machines called traditional VPS and cloud VPS. In a traditional VPS, the resources may come from a single machine and, on the other hand, in a cloud VPS, the resources may come from a network of multiple machines.

And with a dedicated server, you get the entire physical server and have complete control over it.


If your website is struggling to handle high-traffic, it may be time to upgrade your website to a dedicated server. Dedicated servers can be a smart choice for handling a lot of traffic. You can purchase our Linux Reseller Hosting package if you want to host a new website and does not know how to manage a dedicated server. Generally, Linux Reseller Hosting is the best option to apply for a new website with which you can easily upgrade it to a dedicated server at any time. For more information, to know more about our hosting services and plans, please visit our official website.

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