Dedicated hosting is the most cost-effective web hosting that gives you full, core access to the operating system (OS) that runs its copy with it. It works the same way a dedicated server would. For small to large businesses, server hosting is a viable option because of its ability to increase output and performance while reducing costs. From large firms to multiple IT companies, you can get cheap dedicated hosting packages for various needs. All of them have high competitive levels, implementing VOS increases profit margin. As per the requirements of your business, you can choose the plan for your websites. Dedicated is profoundly customizable and this makes them the perfect decision for all organizations. Managed is a server hosting that carries the best features of a shared server and a dedicated server.

There are many people who confuse dedicated hosting in terms of functionality. It can simply be explained as a hybrid of both a shared server and a dedicated server. A dedicated server hosting is best for owners who want to optimize their websites. It can help any business to get the highest quality services. Hosting is a perfect solution for those who want to start their new business, they can also choose Europe Dedicated Server hosting over shared hosting. Before switching to cheap dedicated hosting, it is important to know its advantages and its features.

Features of Europe Dedicated Server

Server Access

Europe Dedicated Server Hosting gives you more server access and means clients have more command over how Dedicated is configured. It gives greater adaptability to the clients. However, in Linux Dedicated servers, FTP is an advantageous device for clients to transfer and download records. While building a site, you might require FTP to transfer media documents like photographs or recordings from the system. FTP is available on Linux and gives you another server access requiring a security convention.


Those who are unaware of cheap dedicated hosting will simply assume that a shared server is the more cost-effective hosting solution. They believe that shared hosting provides the best customer services and other services at a low cost. However, in reality, shared servers do not have customer service available most of the time. You can get cost-effective and high-quality services on cheap dedicated hosting. You can choose the right plan from the best EUROPE dedicated server hosting provider by considering the business requirements.

Technical Support Service

Technical problems can arise at any time and you should not avoid them when it comes to dedicated or other servers. In this case, you should call a professional support team who can help you immediately. You can be the one checking the code to find and fix bugs and backdoors. In this case, the credibility of the support may not be the best you want. After all, professionals are not paid to work 24/7 for customer support.

Control and Freedom

 In dedicated server hosting in the United States, users have more freedom, and the host is provided with less freedom and control. Webmasters prefer more control and authority and this is the reason why they choose cheap dedicated server hosting. In this, you can restart and reboot and reset the settings of your web business without influencing different sites.

Onlive Server for Europe Dedicated Server Hosting

You must have seen many websites offering server hosting plans, but you can find them expensive. We are here to give you the best assistance at reasonable costs. You can register and log in to our official website and find the best server hosting plans for Europe. We have different plans for those looking for expanded disk space and bandwidth. The hosting plan you choose should suit your business needs, and if you wish, you can connect with our technical team for assistance. We regularly monitor server hosting purchased through our website and provide 24/7 technical support to clients. If you have any question or issue with your dedicated server hosting, please contact us via message, mail, or call. We do a thorough analysis of technical issues and develop quick solutions so that your website performance is not affected. Each hosting plan has different features, and you can compare them against your needs before confirming your purchase. There is no need to give a second thought when buying EUROPE dedicated server hosting from Onlive Server as we provide the facilities and access your business with care. We also believe in working hard to make your business a brand and putting in all the desired efforts to build it.

Final Thoughts Europe Dedicated Server

The best option for a business owner who is planning to continue online business for a long time. Even though the initial cost for a dedicated server is higher than that of a shared server, it is an advantage in the long run. In shared servers, you do not have the security and necessary features for the effective functioning of your website. Server monitoring will require you to hire a skill, but for dedicated servers, Onlive Server provides server monitoring at no extra cost. Don’t wait any longer, so choose the Cheap Dedicated Server Europe plan for your website and be sure to increase the potential customers. Our synchronized Europe dedicated hosting gives you optimum performance in less time with all advanced security features.

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