Spain Dedicated Server

Spain Dedicated Server offers powerful computing solutions that can be customized to meet your specific needs. Our dedication to customer service means you will always have access to fast, reliable, and friendly help when you need it most. We look forward to hearing from you soon! Here are more details about our services and offerings…

Key Features

Spain Dedicated Server is powered by Intel Xeon processors and boasts high speeds and plenty of space. For example, Spain Dedicated Server customers can choose between four sizes of server: small, medium, large and extra-large. Each offers you a good amount of power to run your website or business software. And with at least 10 GB of RAM available in each server size, you won’t need to worry about bottlenecks slowing down your business when you select Spain Dedicated Server for your computing needs. The powerful servers are also equipped with three hard drive choices—SSD, HDD, or SAS drives—so it’s easy to choose a configuration that meets both your storage needs and budget requirements as well.

Spain Dedicated Server


Spain Dedicated Server offers very fast processing time, a great advantage for website owners and game server owners who would like to run their services on a powerful computing environment. All of our hosting servers come with several CPU cores and very large memory sizes. Also, you can combine more than one account in order to host many servers at once if you require so. By purchasing dedicated servers from Spain Dedicated Server, your site will load faster since you won’t be sharing resources with other sites that are hosted on a shared web hosting plan.


If you choose a dedicated server, your data will be stored in a secure facility. And with a trusted provider like Spain Dedicated Server, you can be sure that your information is safe. You’ll have access to cutting-edge security tools, as well as multiple backup options to protect your files. You’ll have complete control over who has access to your accounts and rest assured that all of our facilities are under 24/7 surveillance. Rest easy knowing that there are security features in place throughout our company, including firewalls and SSL encryption. And because we don’t store any customer data on our central servers, it will always be safe from intrusion by hackers or other third parties trying to gain unauthorized access.

Managed Hosting

As your business grows, it’s not always feasible to continue using a traditionally shared web hosting environment. Instead, many companies decide to move their sites and applications to managed hosting services. A well managed host will take care of every aspect of server maintenance, making sure your dedicated server is always up and running at peak performance. Managed hosting is ideal for both businesses looking for a high-performance private cloud solution and individuals who want access to dedicated resources without having to manage it themselves. Additionally, with managed hosting, you get complete freedom over what applications you run on your site—something that’s not possible with typically shared hosting plans. With a larger amount of resources at your disposal, more demanding web apps can be easily accommodated within our Spanish Dedicated Servers.


Spain Dedicated Servers has three add-ons available to clients: .com Domain, Business Email, and Remote Hands. All of these services are provided at no extra cost to our existing customers. However, we do not accept any liability for failures or downtime resulting from a problem with these services not operated by Spain Dedicated Servers. If you have an issue with another service provider please contact them directly rather than us.


You get a complete dedicated server solution with an all-inclusive price, there are no hidden costs. We are offering competitive prices. You get a lot of computing power with each package and hence can spend more on your business instead of spending it on powerful servers. However, we provide expert advice and consultative services to help you find the most suitable plan for your business needs. In short, you get everything that is needed to manage your IT infrastructure with us! Your search for reliable, fast, and efficient hosting services ends here! Choose our powerful dedicated servers today!

Customer Support

The first thing you’ll want to think about is customer support. How much will you offer? What hours will it be available? Will, there be someone monitoring live chat around-the-clock or will you rely on an email response system? As an example, if you’re launching a SaaS app, your customers can have a question pop up while they’re using your product. In that case, having a 24/7 live chat may be helpful because users will feel comfortable asking questions as they come up (rather than waiting until they have time to shoot off an email). On a lower budget plan, having live chat available for limited hours would likely suffice.

With a powerful dedicated server from Spain Dedicated Server, you’ll never have to worry about a company not being able to make use of their computing resources. With plenty of memory, lightning-fast processors, and more hard drive space than most offices would need in a lifetime, you’ll be free to do what matters most: provide your clients with top-notch service. For more information on how we can assist you in maximizing your current computing resources or finding new options that best fit your needs, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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