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Windows VPS Server –

The Windows VPS Hosting is the best option that does similar to all other Web hosting services but it is fully secure & credible. So, Windows VPS Server. It is an operating system arrangement that gives you dedicated and private resources on a physical server that serves multiple customers. Such as shared hosting, multiple customers share a physical server, which makes it cost-effective for online businesses. It, however, uses the virtualization latest technology to dribble the challenges that face users of shared hosting.

Windows VPS Server

A VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. On a VPS, your domain lives worldwide of its own. Besides that, you give also have enough disk space, SSD Storage, enough GB RAM to assure you of more speed and flexibility, and other related upgrades. A VPS Windows is simply software that allows businesses and individuals to host their domains using Windows technology for your servers.

Advantages of Using Windows VPS Server on Onlive Server:

Below are some of the advantages you will enjoy if you opt into a VPS plan using Windows today: like that –

Cost-Effectiveness: The VPS Windows Server is affordable and fastest. That makes it very easy for new businesses to pick VPS plans to cater to their server or websites needs. At, our Windows server VPS services are top-notch, but that doesn’t affect our hidden prices in anyways.

High Speed: Everyone who has used any of the VPS plans will know that one of the goodness that the windows or cloud VPS. This is because your domain runs free of interruption just as it is with dedicated server services. You do not share your website’s data, RAM, and high bandwidth with any other website or organization. We provide all the fastest and best resources with high-speed performance.

Users don’t drain Your Resources: The users who use a server share a server. Whether Linux VPS, or Windows, you know how very easy it is to be managing the best 4 GB RAM, 8 GB RAM, and high bandwidth with others for e-commerce websites.

High level of Security: Using Windows or cloud VPS means that your domain will gain a stronger security level because all your apps and programs are now isolated from other customers on the server.

Easy to Use: Windows VPS Server is straightforward to use. It works like a remote desktop or operating that you can be handling with customers easily for your server or website.

Easy to Upgrade: One of the most amazing web services about Windows VPS Hosting is that you have the privilege to upgrade everything on your domain or website and server more easily. As your business and website grow, there’ll be a need to increase your RAM, your SSD storage/bandwidth, disk space, RAM, IP address, and others. Windows-based VPS hosting lets you do that easily.

Windows VPS Server

Conclusion –

The Onlive Server offers a high-quality windows VPS Server at cheaper costs with all impressive features like SSD disk storage, unmetered bandwidth, free DDoS Protection, and unlimited monthly traffic. We round clock support system that provides immediate help to customers in case of any issues. You can manage your hosting service through cPanel which gives loaded with many useful tools like SSL certificate, Softaculous installer, etc., and much more.

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